How to search Upcoming International Conferences.

Find an international conference is very easy now days. Where ever you live whatever may be your research interest and topic if you follow some of following points, you can definitely find genuine conferences across the this article i will suggest you how to search Upcoming International Conferences.

Before suggesting you about the websites let me tell you some of the criteria to find a good conference by your own.

What to see while you choose a conference.

1.    Information available online

Every conference organizer now creates a dedicated website all information is available. So you need to check the following information from the website.

a.       Date of the conference
b.      Venue of the conference
c.       Contact number and email id to contact
d.      Key person’s contact number
e.      Affiliation of the organizing committee.(The background must match the topic of the conference)
f.        Organizer’s Address or Office address.
g.       Past conference Experiences.
h.      Publication opportunity(for International Journals and Proceeding having ISBN)
i.         Past conference publication links

So these are some of the key points that all Organizers need to follow. Sometimes some organizers put some fake information like fake office address and fake past conference photos. So in such case you need to cross check this information. You can directly contact the organizer to send the proof of the past conferences and any legal documents.

2What you need to sure before making payment and registration for conference?

These are some of the points you need to take care while putting your money while register your paper.

a.       You must take a written confirmation from the organizer about the conference.
b.      You must be sure about the venue of the conference. In case you have any doubt you may also call the venue and confirm. In case of the conference is at some college or organization make the confirmation call to the official numbers.
c.       Take the suggestion from your professor, teacher, senior and friends.

3.       Website to visit for the upcoming conferences

To help you to find the best conferences online you can check some of the Conference Alerts websites. Here are some of the best websites you can follow.



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