How to find an International Conference and send paper?

Want to attend an International conference to present your research paper? Here are some of the important points to keep in your mind.

Find a popper International conference.
Now days there are various conferences are being organized across the globe but it is very important to find a proper conference which belongs to your research topic and interest. It is absolutely recommendable for everyone to find a conference according to the research area. This can be found the name of the conference and the “topic covered” or “call for paper” menu of the conference website.

Check the past records.
Many Organizers are organizing conferences regularly. It is an important aspect to check the past conference records of the organizer. This can be done by looking at the organizer’s Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social networking account. If you are unable to find it you can ask to the organizer to send you the past records of the conference. As you are investing money you must choose the best which is best for you.

Search on Conference Alerts
There are many Conference Alerts web portals which provide the list of the upcoming international and national conferences. So you can check the relative conferences form these websites.

Ask your guide, professors and friends.
Your guide, professors and senior friends may have the information of the upcoming conferences. The organizers usually send information to such person regularly, so they can help to find a right conference for sending the papers.

Search on Google.
You can find the upcoming conferences from the Google directly by searching your research area.

Search on the College/Institution’s notice board.
Usually Conference organizers provide Brochures to the HOD/Principal/professors to advertise their conference at the institution level. So you can easily find the information about the upcoming conferences form these Conference Brochures.

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